Massif was founded in 1999.


Massif is a leading supplier of flame-resistant, high-performance protective apparel to the U.S. military and other professionals who work in extreme environments. Over the past decade Massif has revolutionized the look and feel of flame-resistant clothing with innovative fabrics and forward-thinking designs, offering a new generation of high-end gear that sets the industry standard for protection, performance, and comfort.


Until recently, creating a flame-resistant fabric or garment meant decreasing comfort and reducing critical performance characteristics such as breathability, stretch, and wicking. Massif began with the radical concept that protective flame-resistant gear can perform as well as the best outdoor clothing on the market.  Massif has since engineered a new generation of performance FR fabrics and garments that provide protection for people who take on the world’s most dangerous jobs. Massif currently offers a full line of flame-resistant outdoor clothing that has been extensively field-tested by U.S. troops in some of the world’s harshest environments


Massif works closely with U.S. Armed Forces to develop new fabrics and garments and has provided hundreds of thousands of aviators, ground troops, special operations forces, and other military personnel with the world’s most advanced hot and cold weather flame-resistant clothing. Massif gear also protects at-risk professionals in law enforcement, aviation, search and rescue, wildland firefighting, and other at-risk marketplaces.


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Author: Jim Teece

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